Letter From Dr. Black

Dr. Hans Black


In any endeavor destined for success, it is critical to establish a proper foundation. In medicine, wherein I initially trained and in which I have a Doctorate, this entails learning not just about the patient's medical condition, but also understanding how this condition affects his family his work and his aspirations.


Interinvest has its roots in the money management firm my father started in Switzerland in the late 1940s. In many ways, the goals of medicine and money management are remarkably similar: our orientation towards the preservation of principal, first and foremost, equates to the Hippocratic oath, Do No Harm. In addition, in a world where so many professions are opting for a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf approach, our European roots have always emphasized getting to know our clients, understanding their goals and providing the individualized service they need to feel a sense of financial well-being.


These principles thus form the foundation on which we build our portfolios, all of which are individually managed be they for individuals or institutions. Our trained and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the level of service and support our clients require to reach their goals.


Interinvest’s style is value-driven and it is our aim to structure portfolios that embrace both excellent growth potential and below-average risk characteristics. We are proud of the record this disciplined approach has yielded for our clients in a variety of different market conditions.


Any member of our professional staff will be happy to discuss how we might put our investment expertise to work to help in the achievement of your financial objectives.


I hope we have the chance to meet.


Dr. Hans Black

Dr. Hans P. Black

Chief Investment Officer, Interinvest Corporation